Welcome to all our NEW READERS

For some reason (might be that we’re doing some advertising) there are a lot of new readers here this week.  WELCOME.  We hope you’re enjoying RomeoXJulien.

For our older and newer readers:  We know that Patreon is not very popular with readers, especially since we edit out our NSFW and put them on our Patreon page only.  But remember, we want to keep this page pretty PG-13 so that we can let most people get all of the story.  Those who want the juicy bits, you are over 18 if you can use a credit card or Paypal and make a pledge to our Patrons page.  Special thanks to those who do help out, because it really makes this website possible.  The story and art we do because we really love these characters and want to tell their story, but to get it out there costs a bit of money.  If you do not want to go the Patreon route you could purchase Act 1 and Act 2 at Amazon, and you’ll get all the naughty bits plus some extras in there.

And for those who have asked: We’re not going to put this out as an ebook until the whole story is done.

As usual, we thank you very much for your support,  Mar~&~Ina

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