Going on Hiatus

We’ve been hard at work on RomeoXJulien for two full years, starting in October of 2014.  We’ve published two books at Amazon.com, and countless posts, along with working on two Kickstarters, a Patreon page, Facebook and Twitter posts, and advertising in other webcomics and publications.

We’re taking a break!

Fear not, Act 3 will begin in January of 2017.  And it’s going to be awesome!!!

In the meantime, Patrons will be getting to read “When Larry Xd Juan” for only $5 per month pledged at Patreon. Or you could purchase the books at Amazon.com and get all the smexy goodness of BennyXSammy and LarryXJuan in print form!

Thank you all for your support, keep us bookmarked.  Catch us on Facebook to keep up with when the next pages begin.

Happy Holidays! Eat much Turkey and Chocolate!

Love ya,

Mar~&~Ina (AKA Marina Justyaoi)


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